Check-In and Check-Out Times

Check-In starts from 2:00pm until 10:00pm. Check-Out is at 10:00am, late check-outs can be purchased for an additional fee if required. Check-In/Check-Out is undertaken at the bar in The Scottish Stores, please make yourself known to a member of staff who will be more than happy to assist you.

Luggage Storage

Secure luggage storage is available free of charge before check in. After check out storage is subject to availability, and fees of £5.00 per item per day apply. For the welfare of our guests we have tightened security measures and all luggage storage is subject to inspection and availability. All luggage needs to be collected before 12pm on the same day.

We reserve the right to open any package or item left in our possession and have it inspected by authorities if required to do so. Items held in our facility will only be released to the person who we can identify as having left it in our possession or someone in possession of the storage receipt. Keystone does not accept any liability for any single item of greater value than £50 per individual item or £150 for any single claim.

Note that available for external customers as well as guests at a rate of £5 per day per bag. T&C's apply.
We reserve the right to refuse luggage storage.

Important Fire Procedures

When you arrive it is important you make yourself familiar with the fire exits and procedures of the building, which can be found on the walls by every exit.

Smoking & Fire
Is not permitted anywhere in the building itself according to UK law. Please ensure you are careful with any lighting equipment e.g. matches and be vigilant to ensure that fire doors remain shut and any damaged electrical equipment or fire risks are reported immediately.

You can activate the alarm by pushing the buttons on fire exits. If you hear an alarm, please vacate the building immediately. You do not need your key fobs as there are door release buttons on every fire exit (these will also activate the alarm). Our meeting point is the top end of Omega Place. Do not stop to collect any personal belongings except something to keep you warm where necessary and or practical (i.e. on the way out only). Once out of the building do not re-enter under any circumstances until instructed to do by the management of the building. Please also do not wander off as we need to know you have left the building in our ‘roll call’. If you know someone is stuck in the building, advise the management immediately. There is a fire alarm test carried out every Tuesday at 11 am.

Solo Traveller

London is one of the friendliest, most diverse cities on the planet, with people from over 270 different nations and speaking over 300 different languages calling the city their home.

We’ve rounded up some top tips to help you get the most out of this incredible city on your own, as well as highlighting some of the best spots the city has to offer its solo travellers.

Tips and Tricks

Try to blend in as much as possible
Avoiding ‘looking’ like a tourist can be a good place to start, whether you’re in a group or riding solo. Avoid checking huge maps in the middle of busy streets, keep bulky cameras out of view when walking around, and be mindful of ‘oversharing’ about being alone and lost in big crowds of people.

Don’t take any unnecessary risks
Although this sounds a little like something your mum might say, it’s good advice when travelling anywhere alone.
Let people know where you’re going if you’re planning to walk far alone at night, only flag down licensed black cabs, and keep valuables out of sight when walking along main streets – all the things you’d generally do back home.

Give a guided tour a go
London is home to a whole host of weird and wonderful tours – either on foot, by bus or boat – and it can be a great way to find out more about the city, indulge your interests, and make some new friends. With everything from literary tours (Harry Potter, anyone?) to art history, queer tours to a discovery of the city’s most prominent public loos, we dare you not to find one you don’t love.

If you prefer a shopping style self-guided tour, then head to Covent Garden, Oxford Street, or Regent’s Street!

Discover the different neighborhoods
From hip and trendy Shoreditch to busy and bustling Covent Garden, royal and regal Kensington to cool and quirky Camden, London’s diverse neighbourhoods each have something amazing to offer. Going it alone means you can explore at your own pace, spending more time in the areas you love most, too.

Experience a world-class London show
Head to the West End to catch one of London’s celebrated stage shows, with a varied choice of world-class performers, plays and musicals. See if you can bag a last-minute theatre ticket – it’s a benefit of solo travelling.

Explore the city’s museums and galleries
Create your own exhibit bucket list and see the museums of London as you wish. Who says you have to do the whole of the V&A or catch everything on display at the British Museum? Plan and follow your own path through London’s exhibits so you can go at your own pace!


Finding cheap accommodation in London doesn’t have to be difficult. Our rates are affordable and cater to a wide range of travellers, from those who are on a budget to those who want a bit more privacy and luxury.

Even if you are on a budget, we do not scrimp on comfort!

We are a few steps away from Kings Cross train station, meaning you can save your money for exploring what London has on offer.

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